30th anniversary is coming, Cutting-edge science and technology innovation and change will not stop

Chengli enterprise was founded in the late 1990s. It has been nearly 20 years since the first lathe was put into production in 1998.Twenty years is not only the development history of Chengli brand, but also the production technology innovation evolution history of automobile maintenance and relative matching industry from scratch. Review the brand accumulation with the attitude of leading, Chengli is full of confidence in the future of the brand.

A brief history of Chengli brand  

In 1998, Mr. Zhang chengli, the founder of Chengli brand, invested the first turbine reduction box production line for the rapid development of the automobile maintenance and relative matching industry in Yingkou city, also represents the beginning of Chengli machinery to become automobile maintenance and relative matching industry. Since then, constantly improve themselves, improve the level of enterprises, constantly introduce new technology, strengthen the quality of mechanical equipment, now has advanced modern equipment, CNC lathe, gear hobbing machine, hydraulic broaching machine, automatic assembly line, enterprise management science and technology, technical specialization of staff, quality control system. Chengli machinery step by step to lead the automobile maintenance and relative matching industry in the forefront of The Times.

Review Chengli machinery brand development process, the highest frequency keywords is technical innovation.Chengli technical team continues to explore cutting-edge technology, so that the development of raw materials accuracy and efficiency to achieve a qualitative leap,It has comprehensively improved the performance of supporting products.

The product line meets multiple demands

Due to the top technological research and development strength, Chengli Machinery has introduced a very perfect product system in the Chinese market, and has gained extensive praise from market feedback through the excellent performance of these products.Taking "being honest and striving for high-quality products" as the business philosophy of the enterprise, it enables the continuous innovation of product technology and insists on the originality of brand concept.

Starting from a brand-new history, people of Chengli will meet the challenges of the future with technological innovation, and continue to build a trustworthy brand image by creating high-quality and practical supporting products. At the same time, people of Chengli strive to be the benchmark of scientific and technological innovation and lead the industry to change, so as to gather more wisdom and create a better future for the development of China's tire and automobile warranty and maintenance industry. Go ahead bravely and never stop!