How long do car tires last?

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In the past, when cars were scarce, few people owned cars, because they were completely imported at a very high price and once became a symbol of status and status. Later, with the booming development of the automobile industry, in addition to the expansion of imports, the introduction of more foreign car brands, domestic cars are seizing the opportunity to catch up with the international manufacturers. Now, domestic cars have occupied a considerable share in the market, and the competition in the car market is becoming more and more fierce. The price drops again and again, and consumers naturally enjoy this welfare. Therefore, during these years, more and more families bought cars, which can be seen from the fact that the per capita vehicle ownership in China has reached the level of developed countries.

Many drivers usually only pay attention to the maintenance of the core components and the cleaning of the body, and don't pay much attention to parts like tires, subconsciously believing that rubber is durable. In fact, rubber is really good quality, but it is very resistant to wear, and the tire, as the only part of the car that is in contact with the ground, wears the most.

Tire life is a complex issue, complicated because different car use, different driver's driving habits, and on different roads, will have an important impact on tire life. So it is difficult to make an absolute judgment on car tires, just consider in the most common case, the tire aging age is generally 5 to 6 years, only 8 years at most. The standard is that under normal driving conditions, if the driver uses the car very frequently, he or she will drive 70,000 or 80,000 kilometers in just three or four years. Then the tire at this time will need to undergo a overhaul, because it is likely to have reached the standard of replacement. Perhaps some drivers seldom use their cars at ordinary times. After several years of driving, the car has only traveled less than 20,000 kilometers. In this case, it is not necessary to change the tire.

In fact, this idea is also wrong, because whether the car is moving or stationary, the tires carry the weight of the whole body. If the car is always moving, the tires can also share the pressure, once a long time stationary, there will be a part of the tire continues to stress the situation, so the tire instead of faster. So, even if the driving range of the car is not long, but when the car is idle, the tire is not removed to properly maintain, and after 7 or 8 years, the tire needs to be replaced. In addition to age and driving range, there are also some problems that should be changed in time, such as bulging tires, tires with unstable air pressure, tires with excessive patches, and spare tires.