The leading cause of car oil leakage

Release date:2022-04-22 Page view:480

First, the main causes of common vehicle oil leakage

1. Product (parts) quality, material or technology is not good; Structural design problems.

2. Improper high speed of assembly, unclean surface, damaged or displaced gasket or failure to install in accordance with operating procedures and specifications.

3. Uneven tightening force of the fastening nut, broken or loose wire falling off, resulting in failure.

4. After long-term use, the sealing material is worn out, aging, metamorphism, deformation and failure.

5. Too much lubricating oil, too high oil level or wrong oil.

6. Parts (side covers, thin-walled parts) joint surface deflection deformation, shell damage, so that lubricating oil leakage.

7. After the ventilation plug and check valve are blocked, the oil leakage in the weak sealing place is often caused by the difference of air pressure inside and outside the box shell.