How should we choose the tire removal machine?

Release date:2022-06-28 Page view:486

With the rapid development of the automobile market, the requirements for tires are higher and higher, high performance, new types of tires emerge at the historic moment, the tire dismantling machine also carries on the innovation.

According to the market requirements, now the tire dismantling machine can be divided into motorcycle automobile tire dismantling machine, flat tire dismantling machine, automatic swing arm dismantling machine and other new equipment. Tire removal machine components include motor, reducer, pneumatic valve, disassembly head, telescopic claw and bench, etc.

Choose and buy tire removal machine to identify four points:

1. Pay attention to the rated power of the motor. The greater the power, the stronger the working stability. The motor should have little noise and no obvious vibration when working.

2, running noise should be low, and no obvious vibration when the load. The reducer is a decelerating device that transmits power to the tire dismantling machine. Reducer is usually made of special materials, alloy materials, transmission, must be low noise, smooth performance.

3, the quality of tire disassembly head is also directly related to the quality of tire disassembly. The tire disassembly head made of high quality steel should be selected. Its arc design curve is scientific, and it is not easy to deform after many years of use. It is smooth when loading and unloading tires and protects the rim and tire from damage. The appearance of the inferior tire disassembly head is rough, the curved curve design is not reasonable, the loading and unloading of the tire is not smooth, easy to deformation after repeated use, and easy to scratch the tire and rim.

4. Choose products from trustworthy enterprises. Bad product quality is not guaranteed, high repair rate. Our professional car insurance for many years, welcome to visit and buy.