What is the use of four-wheel positioning?

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Car four wheel positioning is very necessary for the daily maintenance of the car, but many owners do not know the role of the car four wheel positioning, let's take a look together!

Four wheel positioning method

Check whether the corner plate and side skateboard of the lifting machine can rotate effectively or slide flexibly, and lock the corner plate and side skateboard.

Check the rotation table → left rotation table → lock rotation table → right rotation table → lock rotation table; Check side skateboard → right skateboard sliding flexible → locking side skateboard → left skateboard sliding flexible → locking side skateboard; After the car on the lifting machine: the body should be positive, the steering wheel should be in a neutral position, the center plane of the wheel and the zero scale line of the corner plate should be as vertical as possible, and the front and back of the body should be forced to press, so that the wheel is in a free state.

Vehicle check → normal position → wheel check steering wheel → steering wheel in neutral position → locked steering wheel; Check the wheel → wheel plane is perpendicular to the zero scale line of the turntable; Press the front of the body → make the front wheel of the car in a free state; Press the rear of the body → make the rear wheel of the car in a free state;

Check whether the pressure of the left and right wheels and tires is balanced, and the pressure is normal in the range of (2 -- 2·5 kg); Whether the tire line is consistent, the wear degree of the tire line is consistent. Check the tire pressure: left front wheel x kg → normal, larger or smaller; Rear wheel X kg → normal, large or small → right front wheel X kg → normal, large or small; After X round kg → normal, large or small; Check the left and right tires → tire tread is consistent, not worn, normal

Automobile chassis inspection: lift the vehicle to check the clearance of each ball head of the front wheel, check whether the rubber sleeve of the balance rod is worn, and check item by item according to the "visual inspection" item (base and its components, suspension device and axle, steering system, wheels and tires).

Installation fixture: when installing the fixture, adjust the handle of the fixture upward, as far as possible perpendicular to the horizontal plane installation, the fixture four claw positioning plane should be close to the rim edge, must ensure that the fixture claw positioning surface and rim edge tightly clamped.

Installation of the measuring head: when the measuring head is installed on the fixture, the measuring head and the fixture should be close to each other, no gap is allowed. The measuring head should be installed accurately according to the position of the sign posted on the measuring head, tighten the fixing screw of the measuring head on the fixture, open the power supply of the measuring head, so that the measuring head is in the working state.

Automobile four wheel positioning function

Four-wheel positioning for cars moving plays a very important role, the car after a period of time, due to various reasons, there will be abnormal tire wear, parts wear speed up, twist direction, vehicle running deviation, the phenomenon such as fuel consumption increase, these phenomena are the reasons of the decrease of vehicles, in order to eliminate this phenomenon, to ensure the stability of the vehicle performance, The most effective way is to do four-wheel positioning, which can not only ensure the normal driving of the car, but also extend the service life of the tires, while saving fuel consumption.