Why does the steering wheel sound differently?

Release date:2022-07-25 Page view:1675

The reasons for abnormal sound when the steering wheel is rotating are as follows:

1, friction between plastic parts: because the steering wheel is usually composed of plastic parts, if coupled with the temperature becomes cold, plastic parts will become hard, it is naturally possible to produce friction sound.

2, the abnormal sound emanated from the steering wheel: if the abnormal sound is emanated from the steering wheel, then the problem is most likely caused by the air bag spring in the steering wheel, remove the steering wheel air bag spring and apply some butter to see whether it still rings, if it still rings, you need to replace the air bag spring.

3, the steering rod ball head aging: if the steering rod ball head aging, then it will cause the car steering wheel shaking and sound, this situation usually needs to replace the steering rod ball head, and after the replacement of four wheel positioning.

4, sound from the balance beam, if is not a sound from the shock absorber, so want to check the balance beam glue have become loose or damaged phenomenon, stabilizer bar glue loose, the damage will not only play the direction, through will emit noise, uneven pavement loose balance beam glue can be solved by adding a gasket way, can only be replaced if damaged.

5, the plane bearing of the shock absorber sounds abnormal: as long as you open the front cover and listen to the sound is not from the position of the top seat of the shock absorber, so that you know whether it is the sound of the plane bearing of the shock absorber, the plane bearing of the shock absorber sounds, you can apply some butter on the plane bearing.

6, steering machine failure: if the abnormal sound is very large when steering, then it may be that the steering machine with the gear gap is too large, need to replace the steering machine.

7, the power belt tightness is improper or aging: for mechanical hydraulic power, if the power belt tightness is improper or aging, there will be a noise, adjust the belt tightness or replace the belt.