What's the use of a jack?

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The tri-sided impact roller will be placed in two ways during compaction operation and transition transport: working state and transition state. Working state: As the name implies, the two impact wheels land on the ground, and the traction device (loader or tractor) drives the impact wheels to roll to realize the compaction work. The transition state: In order not to damage the current roadbed or road surface, so that the two impact wheels rise off the ground, four tires on the ground to bear all the weight of the fuselage, traction device (loader or tractor) drive the tire to walk to achieve short distance transfer. Between the working state and the transition state, it is necessary to use a key lifting device on the impact roller equipment. At present, two schemes are provided for users to choose: jack and hydraulic cylinder.

The jack can be directly placed under the impact wheel shaft for hydraulic lifting and lowering operation, when not in use can go, live disassembly and assembly, convenient and fast; Of hydraulic oil hydraulic cylinder work due to power, so you must use an external tubing connection to the traction device of hydraulic oil pump, this means that users need to prepare at least two nearly 10 meters long tubing and connectors to achieve installation, time consuming work aside, for the service life of oil pump can also cause a great deal of test. And the hydraulic cylinder is fixed and wrapped in the frame, once the fault occurs, the installation, disassembly, replacement and maintenance is extremely troublesome.

Impact roller manufacturing experience: hydraulic cylinder is the highest failure rate of accessories, no one! Years of production and life experience have proved that hydraulic jack performance is stable, reliable quality, service life at least more than 3 years; The hydraulic oil cylinder is in use, you need the driver in the cab feet step on the gas lifting, this time the driver is less than the rise and fall of oil cylinder is absolute observation, it is easy to cause two extremely dangerous situation occurs: when lifting, if too hard and excessive oil cylinder lifting, oil seal and crock mouth will be directly bursting, oil cylinder scrap; When the piston does not fall to the lowest, the piston rod is still under the impact of the partial pressure of the wheel, so in the compaction operation, every impact will make most of the impact force on the piston rod, light is bending deformation, heavy is directly broken. The jack is put on when used and removed when not used, which is convenient and safe. At present, almost all vehicles will use the jack to lift when replacing the tire, which directly proves that the safety and stability of the jack is very high.

Impact roller in the work of its impact on the ground and under ground of rebound is very large, is likely to make the connection between the impact roller and traction equipment off the peg, and once this occurs, the aforementioned 10 meters long oil pipe connected to the oil cylinder and oil pump can be directly pull, even ripped pump scrap. No matter which lifting method is used, it will only temporarily lift the impact wheel, and ultimately rely on the support bar on the frame to bear the weight, which is the most stable and reliable. Equipped with 20t jack, only one worker can complete a lift and fix the support rod in 2 minutes. If use the hydraulic oil cylinder lifting, need at least two workers, an oil pump in the bridge operation system, an observation after car lifting height and the fixed support bar to operate, even when working with the car running to see if oil cylinder can be fell to the lowest point, whether to have hit the phenomenon of pressure piston rod, laborious don't say, there is very big security hidden danger.